wisdom from a patient i visited at the hospital

I made a visit to St Barnabas hospital, Livingston on   wednesday to see a friend who just survived a surgery, that was my second time meeting him though. He is actually a friend to my boss. On arrival, we had to sign in at the front desk with our I.D cards and facial recognition and detection scanned for security reasons” You know how it happens in movies”. Patients get kidnapped by someone who come to visit due to inadequate security. St Barnabas hospital ensure high level security, a very clean and conducive environment for patients,  very welcoming nurses and doctors. I mean the front desk attendance are so humble and friendly and always ready to assist you with anything, which i will say is a plus and i will never think twice on recommending them to a relative or even friends.

After the registration, a direction guide through the hospital was given to us as directive so as to locate our patient without getting lost. But i mean, that was our first time there and our geography was not good so yes we ended up in the emergency room though we were going to the PACU. The truth is, i was paranoid when we entered the emergency room . All that was in my mind is, what if we meet someone in a critical condition i would not have been able to sleep that night. I kept telling my boss to walk fast because i’m afraid, guess what happened though. On our way out as i was walking briskly, i turned my back to see if my boss was coming …. My boss actually stopped by one of the patients ….. I then went back and it was someone we all know so we stood there for about five minutes before heading to the exit door. In the hallway, we seeked direction from anyone we met there until we finally got to our destination. Never feel shy to ask for help, just ask.

He was all smile when he saw us, he could not talk much because they had just brought him from the surgry room few hours before we came. We stood by him while they brought him food to eat and my boss helped by feeding him. He was in so much pain so he called the nurse to help him with a pain killer to reduce the pain. We were only allowed ten mins because he just came out from the surgry and need rest to regain his strength.

While standing, he told my boss to get a book from his bag which was on the floor. This book was like his book of thoughts, meaning a book that he writes whatever he thinks about, his ideas about life and everything. He then told my boss to hand the book over to me which he did. He then asked me to open and read what i see. The first page had “the book of my thought” written in upper cases. I then moved on to the second page which had this written there” what we give in life is more rewarding ,than,  what we receive in life”. He then asked for my opinion on that phrase and i said , i do agree with him because we usually give more than we receive. He said ok, then asked me for the meaning of a REWARD. I simply said, reward is something we get or receive from a deed we have done.

He agreed and then went ahead to explain what he meant by the phrase” what we give in life is more rewarding than what we receive in life”. He said when you give, it could be money, time, effort, a listening ear, i mean any type of giving. There is always joy in you heart, piece within you, happiness on your face that is priceless, do not forget what God said, it is in giving that we receive and he bless those who are givers. The reward you receive when you give can never be compared to any kind of reward. It also means that, whenever you give something no matter how little it is, you receive something greater. It also means that, whenever you give, you receive something in return.

From that day, i told myself that giving is now part of my name, because i will never lose anything when i give. God has never been wrong with what he says. It is always and will always be a win- win when i give. I hope you will become a giver too.